Inbound marketers know it’s all about content marketing. This is what gets you noticed online-content, SEO work, content and more content! But knowing this doesn’t mean anything unless you’re providing consistent, quality, custom content. As a business owner, or inbound marketing leader, do you really have what it takes to provide exceptional content that makes your phones ring? Can you engage your audience; entice them to come to you? Can you influence buying decisions with your SEO and social media prowess? Were you an English or journalism major? If you answered with even one “no,” hire professionals to write online content.

  • Professional writers know how to present fresh content. Inbound marketing teams may have good concepts, but professional writers know how to execute them online with engaging content, proper grammar, SEO infused sentences and interesting ideas. Business owners know their products and services, but professional writers know how to discuss them.
  • Custom content for the Internet is created for specific audiences. Professional writers know how to speak to each market. They understand the audience and create quality content marketing pieces for each group.
  • Professional writers thrive on deadlines! Inbound marketers understand the importance of maintaining a schedule, but do their jobs depend on following it down to the minute? Most professional writers are driven to get the “story” in before deadline-it’s in their nature, training and vocation. Professional writers get online content out on a timeline, not when “they can get to it.”
  • Inbound marketing teams often have several products/services they’re marketing. Instead of using insider’s technical jargon (which often happens when they are used to produce online content) professional writers are adept at research and turning their findings into useable, teachable language the masses appreciate and understand. Professional writers “speak” to their audience.
  • Professional writers are just that-professional writers. They are trained to write well. They understand the language and how to effectively share a thought with written words. Professional writers create quality content, enjoyable posts and concise thoughts.

If you don’t have a professional writer on staff, use a business that does! GoLeads uses a team of professional writers to create their online content and lead inbound marketing efforts. GoLeads Plus also provides the services of professional writers to all its users.

Call today to find out more: 402-334-1824 or visit the website at

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