According to Google, roughly 50 percent of all B2B queries today are made on smartphones. And that number is growing. In spite of this fact, almost half of all B2B companies say they have not made a significant investment in mobile marketing. So what gives?

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Mobile marketing is huge. Unfortunately, many B2B marketers are slow to adapt, believing that the complexity of B2B purchasing isn’t conducive to mobile devices.

Research shows that B2B marketing leaders are using mobile to drive, or influence, an average of more than 40 percent of their revenue. These leaders report that mobile speeds up time-to-purchase, particularly in more complex transactions, and a positive mobile user experience increases brand loyalty.

These insights and others are highlighted in the Boston Consulting Guide’s article, Mobile Marketing and the New B2B Buyer. The article also gives clear calls-to-action for B2B companies that don’t want to be left behind when it comes mobile marketing. These include:

  • Addressing buyers where they are spending their time on mobile: on-the-go and in the workplace.
  • Working to understand shifting customer behavior and mobile’s role.
  • Invest in creating a great mobile experience for customers.
  • Recognizing mobile’s impact, especially early in the purchase journey as customers formulate intent.
  • Tracking the buying experience across media and devices.
  • Testing increased investment in mobile advertising.
  • Adapting technology and data collection to a company’s business model and size.

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