When you are marketing your business, sometimes the last thing you think about is your call-to-action. This is unfortunate because a good call-to-action can be the most important part of any marketing campaign.

A call-to-action is a statement that tells a lead, prospect, or customer what they should do next. A weak call-to-action is easily overlooked or ignored. A strong call-to-action is one that people can’t resist and, more importantly, can’t help but to click on or respond to.

So how can you write a compelling call-to-action that entices your target audience to do what you want them to do? Here are some tips:

  1. Use short, action-oriented language. Call now! Download immediately! Don’t get left behind! These are all great examples of concise and effective calls-to-action.
  2. Show them the value. People want to know that if they click on a call-to-action it is worth their time. They also want to know what they will get in exchange for their time. Will it solve a problem they have? Will it save them time and money? Can they get more sales leads? Note: It is imperative that you never let people down with your calls-to-action. If you make a promise that by clicking on your link they will be able to save time and money, you better make sure they will!
  3. Provide an incentive. Purchase in the next 24 hours for free shipping!
  4. Create a sense of urgency. Click before time runs out! Many marketers are surprised to learn that if they tell people what they should do, they will actually do it!
  5. Think big. Little buttons at the bottom of a copy-heavy page aren’t going to get noticed. The bigger the better. Consider adding calls-to-action at the top of your page or in other prominent locations, as well.
  6. Make it clear where they should click. Make the click button looks like it should be clicked. Add borders, shadows, or even make it seem as if it is coming off the page. If people have to wonder where they should click, they probably won’t.
  7. Make it pop. You don’t want your call-to-action to blend in with your page, nor do you want it to clash with its design. The key is to use similar fonts and colors that work well with your design but that also pop off the page. Using plenty of white space also can help.

In most cases you will have to experiment a bit with calls-to-action before settling on which ones works best. If a particular call-to-action doesn’t seem to be working well, try another one. After all, an effective call-to-action can do wonders for your business so you need to pay close attention to what works and what doesn’t.



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