Inbound Marketing More Popular and Effective Than Ever

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing can do wonders for a business. This is why its popularity continues to grow and shows no signs of waning.

Businesses that invest heavily in inbound marketing do so for a variety of reasons. About 25% of businesses say they look to inbound marketing to attract leads and convert sales. And they aren’t disappointed.

According to the latest marketing research, the biggest advantage of inbound marketing right now is its ability to increase leads and conversions. In 2019, businesses reported that inbound marketing had increased their leads by more than 70% and their conversion rate by 55%. While inbound works well in these areas, customer retention also is a benefit of this technique.

Inbound marketing is a pretty broad term, however. When you break it down, it’s really just a method of drawing potential customers in rather than giving them the hard sell and pushing a product or service on them. It is achieved through the use of content marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization and more.

One of the sticking points when it comes to inbound marketing is knowing which method to use for your particular business. For example, while one business may tell you that social media is its most successful strategy, another will say that they get no bump from social media but blogs work wonders for them.

So what is a business to do? The answer comes down to metrics. The reason inbound marketing is so successful is that businesses are able to identify where leads are coming from – whether that be social media, content promotion or SEO. This data allows them to assess the success and impact of inbound campaigns. This success can be used to continue to personalize its inbound marketing efforts to better engage with customers and prospects.  

A recent survey shows that the top metrics for evaluating the success of inbound marketing are website traffic followed by social shares. Email open and clickthrough rates are next, with conversion rates and revenue not far behind.

When it comes to inbound marketing, there is little doubt that it will continue to be a key factor in the success of businesses of all sizes. In order to make sure it does all that it can, however, it is important that businesses continue to evolve with it. After all, one thing is sure in marketing, those who stand still are sure to get left behind.


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