How to Personally Connect with Customers in a Digital World

Being able to personally connect with customers is critical to convert sales. Unfortunately, in today’s digital world, many salespeople are increasingly uncomfortable engaging one-on-one with the very people they want to sell to.

By the same token, today’s consumers are often unaccustomed to salespeople trying to build genuine connections with them. The fact remains, however, that in a crowded and distracting marketplace, relationship building is more important than ever.

So how do you go about establishing personal relationships with potential clients? Read on for some important tips that you can use in your daily interactions with clients and prospects.

  1. Be Yourself. When you sell for a living, you are used to be “on” all of the time. Unfortunately, this can come off as insincere. Concentrate less on being “on” and more on being your authentic self. You may be surprised at the positive responses you get when you aren’t trying to project a certain image. Further, rehearsed sales pitches rarely impress. The more conversational your tone, the more people will trust you.
  2. Ask Questions. If you want to get the point across that you care as much about the person as you do the sale, you need to really get to know the person. The only way to do this is by asking questions. Whether you ask how long a person has held their current position or how they are enjoying the weather, the key is to let the person know you are interested in more than just getting them to open their wallet.
  3. Reach Out Consistently. When you contact a customer and prospect only when you want to sell to them, they will quickly catch on. Therefore, you need other opportunities to reach out. For example, if you see an article that you think they would appreciate, send it to them. Give them a call to see how things are going without trying to pitch a product. It may seem like a simple thing but it will make a significant impact.
  4. Salespeople may get a bad rap but the fact is, they are known more for talking than listening. When you only have a small amount of time with a customer or prospect, you may feel like you need to get across as much information as possible. The truth is, what you don’t say may be more impactful than what you do say. The value of a good listener is something everyone appreciates and is certain to cast you in a favorable light.
  5. Make Referrals. One of the best compliments you can give a business is to refer a customer to them. Whenever you get a chance, spread the good word about one of your customers. Knowing you sent a customer their way will go a long way toward building good will.

While connecting with customers on a personal level is more difficult with all of the available technology, your efforts to do so will mean even more because of this. No matter how difficult it is to connect with customers and prospects one-on-one, it is important that you do so.

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