Why Businesses Need to Partner with a Digital Marketing Agency

Why Now, More than Ever, Businesses Need to Partner with a Digital Marketing Agency

More and more businesses today are making the wise decision to outsource their digital marketing to an outside agency. The reason for this usually comes down to a few important factors.

One of the most commonly cited reasons for hiring a digital agency is the fact that it is so difficult to keep up with the ever-evolving digital landscape. This landscape includes things like content creation, SEO, PPC ads, social media and much more. Digital marketing requires a level of expertise and manpower that many smaller businesses simply cannot afford. By outsourcing these tasks, employees of a business can concentrate on their core business.

A digital marketing agency also knows how to put ideas into action. They can write blog posts, create PPC ads and schedule social media posts that create a buzz around your brand. In other words, they get your business noticed online.

For all that a digital marketing agency can do for a business, perhaps the most important – and often overlooked – benefit is the ability to provide measurable results that most businesses are unable to obtain and analyze on their own.

Digital marketing agencies use tracking, analytics and reporting, to monitor their efforts and provide a means to measure their performance. In addition to using routine metrics like ad clicks and cost-per-click, agencies are able to track specific user actions and key performance indicators that are based on the particular goals of a business.

Here are just some examples of the tools these agencies employ:

  1. Google Tag Manager. This tool enables agencies to track phone calls, form submissions, website clicks and more that occur as a result of digital marketing efforts.
  2. Google Analytics. Google Analytics uses metrics like bounce rate and session duration to measure user behavior and engagement.
  3. Google Data Studio. With Google Data Studio, agencies are able to transform complex data that has been collected into reports that clearly summarize results.

These tools, and others, help an agency identify which strategies are working and those which need to be improved or abandoned. They also provide data to make future decisions. For example, if PPC advertising is driving more conversions than Twitter ads, dollars from Twitter ads can be shifted to PPC ads. These reports also help to pinpoint issues with landing pages or mobile site speed, just to name a few.

In the end, the greatest benefit of working with a digital marketing agency is that a business will be able to obtain measurable results. Results that are necessary for a business to better understand the impact of their online marketing efforts and that allow them to use data to be more strategic in those efforts.