Using Case Studies for B2B Lead Generation Webinar

What makes a great case study? When you have a great case study, how do you use it to generate leads?

Early in your prospect’s decision process, they ask questions like “How have companies with a problem similar to mine solved it?” or “What do companies do to solve problem X?” Sometimes they ask each other, sometimes they rely on trusted advisors, and sometimes they turn to the search engines. A perfect fit for scratching this itch are case studies, investigations into problem that explore causes and solutions.

In this webinar we’re going to dig into what makes a case study useful for clients, we’ll cover what clients don’t like about case studies, and we’ll share an outline we use with clients. Then we’ll go one step further and talk about how you use a finished case study to generate more leads for your business.

Join us and learn:

  • What kinds of online searches can be answered with Case Studies.
  • How to structure a Case Study to fit your client’s questions.
  • What to do with “secret sauce” information your boss doesn’t want to share.
  • The pros and cons of different Case Study formats.
  • A promotion schedule for turning Case Studies into sales lead tools.