The Important Difference Between Being Proactive and Reactive in Customer Service

2 arrows with words proactive and reactive

The ultimate goal of customer service is to make customers feel that they are well taken care of and that any problems that may occur will be quickly resolved. However, it goes further than just problem solving. The best type of customer service involves a business being proactive, or making the first move, when a customer has an issue.

Customer Think’s article, Be Proactive! It’s Good for Business, delves into the differences between reactive and proactive customer service. The article states that while both approaches fix problems, proactive customer service leaves customers delighted and even surprised because issues are resolved – in most cases – before a customer is even aware that there is one.

The article also talks about the three reasons why being proactive in customer service is so important:

Benefits of Being Proactive in Customer Service

  1. It creates confidence
  2. It improves brand perception
  3. It reduces costs

One important way for business to be more proactive is to gather, analyze and interpret customer data. At GoLeads, we help our customers do this every day and can help your business do it, as well.

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