Small Businesses Shift Marketing Strategy to Meet Clients Where They are

COVID-19 has resulted in a “new normal” when it comes to small business marketing strategy. Unfortunately, many small businesses feel unprepared to create a strategy that will meet the challenges of this “new normal.”

An article from Forbes, Marketing Your Business in The Midst of Covid-19: 5 Tips to Stay Afloat, provides suggestions to small business owners who are looking to pivot their marketing during these trying times. What follows are those suggestions:

  1. Reassure your customers
  2. Get creative
  3. Kick things up on social
  4. Build relationships virtually
  5. Improve your online presence

The article ends by emphasizing that now is not the time to put the brakes on your marketing efforts. Instead, it is an opportunity to be more strategic than ever, put yourself in your customers’ shoes, and better market to your customers.

If you are struggling with how to realign your marketing efforts to meet the demands of today’s changing marketplace, GoLeads can help. It is what we have been doing for several of our small business clients over the past few months and we can do the same for you. Give us a call today at 402-334-1824 or visit us online at