Automate Your Marketing and Pump Up Your Lead Generation

Surveys say most business-to-business companies under 50 employees don’t have a full time marketing staff. And those companies that do have a marketer on staff have them serving multiple roles including inside sales and customer service.

The reason? It’s not all cost, most of the time it’s because the role is hard to define… and even harder to measure.

Marketing Automation to the rescue!

You’ve heard about robots taking jobs? Well in this case, marketing automation tools are robots that will do the marketing activities your team always wanted to do but never get around to.
– Following up with a prospect 5 times over 6 months? Done.
– Tracking customers who are pulling key documents off your website? Done.
– Creating dynamic content personalized to your specific types of website visitors? It does that too!

Join Bill Mattern of GoLeads and Greg Chambers from LeadGen Compass as they discuss marketing automation and dig into marketing automation tools. We’ll give you a peek behind the hood of how we’re automating the marketing/sales process including the frustrations and early wins. It’s our own case study.