How to Manage a Remote Sales Team in Four Simple Steps

Managing a remote sales team involves a different approach than managing a team working in the same office. Neither is necessarily easier or more difficult – just different. 

In light of the fact that a majority of salespeople are now working remotely, sales managers must resist the temptation to micromanage. While supervising without micromanaging can be a challenge, it is important to master this important skill. So how can you strike that important balance between supervision and trust? At GoLeads, we have four tips to help ensure that your sales team is operating at peak efficiency without giving the impression that you are scrutinizing each team member’s every move.

  1. Communicate your expectations. As a sales manager, you need to be the one to let salespeople know when and how often you need to hear from them. Do you want to hear from them every day, once a week or only after important milestones are reached? It is your responsibility to convey that message. By the same token, when assigning projects, be sure to communicate exactly what you need, with specifics, so no one is left guessing.
  2. Give them ownership. Unless a salesperson gives you reason to question their motivation or output, give them as much autonomy as possible. There is nothing more empowering for remote workers than to know that they are trusted to get the job done. 
  3. Schedule check-ins. When you check in without warning or too often, it disrupts the workflow of your sales team. Random check-ins also give the impression that you don’t think they can get the job done. Let your sales team know well in advance when and why you will be touching base. 
  4. Ditch the one-size-fits-all mindset. Seasoned salespeople who have consistently performed well need less attention than new salespeople who require mentoring. Further, some employees flourish working remotely while others appreciate more guidance. Knowing what works for each member of your sales team means that you will always bring out each person’s best.

Managing a remotes sales team requires a more creative and fluid approach than managing a sales team in a traditional office setting. However, the end result should be the same: Empowering your sales team to meet their individual and group goals and do their best work without you holding their hand and scrutinizing their every move.


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