How to Create a Newsletter People Want to Open

How to Create a Newsletter People Want to Open

If you are wondering if your business needs a newsletter, you are asking the wrong question. Instead you need to ask yourself how to make sure your newsletter is one people will open.

Fast Company’s article, How to Launch a Killer Email Newsletter, has the following suggestions for making sure your newsletter always gets opened:

  1. Consider your workflow, audience, competition and goal when deciding when is the best time to send your newsletter.
  2. Make sure your newsletter design is mobile, simple and skimmable.
  3. Test your newsletter both on an ongoing and occasional basis.

There are a lot of email newsletters out there today. Therefore, if you want yours to get opened, it has to be pretty outstanding. The best way to make a newsletter outstanding? It has to be created with users in mind. It also has to provide—every single time—information that is absolutely essential to readers.

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