How Content Marketing Must Adjust to the Current Coronavirus Pandemic

When COVID-19 hit, many people wondered whether they should continue to market their business. Of course, small businesses quickly learned that without marketing, there was little chance their business would survive the pandemic. Content marketing is especially important in these times and an article from Business 2 Community, 10 Content Marketing Hacks for Every Organization During COVID-19, offers some solid advice for navigating the current marketing landscape. Here are just a few pieces of advice from the article:

  1. Revisit your buyer persona
  2. Ask your audience for help
  3. Experiment with new formats
  4. Be extra empathetic
  5. Showcase the “real” you
  6. Make analytics your friend

Times are tough for all content marketers. Hacks such as the ones outlined in this article will help get your business through these trying times. They also will allow your audience to see that you have the best intentions.

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