Holiday Marketing Tips for your Small Business

The most wonderful time of the year is quickly approaching. For small businesses, however, it is one full of fierce competition. If you are looking to get your business noticed in a crowded – albeit festive – marketplace, there is no time to waste!

An article on, 9 Ways to Market Your Small Business During the Holidays, gives tips for making sure your business is relatable and memorable to your target audience in the coming weeks. Here are just some of those holiday marketing tips:

  1. Throw in a gift
  2. Create a video – or more
  3. Stay active on social media
  4. Send a personal email sharing your story of the year
  5. Decorate your storefront
  6. Show your personality

To ensure that your business isn’t missing the opportunity to connect more authentically with customers this time of year, it’s important to have a holiday marketing game plan. For help putting together such a game plan, give GoLeads a call at (402) 334-1824 or visit us online at