You have multiple ways of selling your products. A common one is telemarketing. Whether you’re working on insurance leads, new business owner leads or new homeowner leads, telemarketing is a tool used to get information to potential clients, start a dialogue with new leads and close the deal with interested parties. You may be utilizing telemarketing frequently, but using these 5 tips will improve the experience.

  1. Remember you place the call. Use good manners. When you dial up an insurance lead or new homeowner, ask if they have a few minutes to talk. There’s nothing worse than dealing with a sales person who assumes you have nothing else going on. If your target is busy, ask her for a better time to call back. Give her some control and she’ll likely reciprocate good manners.
  2. Teach your telemarketing team to talk like they are NOT reading from a script. Business owners need to understand their customers are not robots, nor are their sales teams. They shouldn’t sound automated or scripted. Conversation should ebb and flow. Though telemarketing scripts are sometimes necessary, teach your sales team to ask questions, listen and note the responses, establish a dialogue with their lead and know enough about the product to go off script when necessary. Business owners should give telemarketing staff constant up-training, reference tools and on-going development opportunities to ensure they are confident and capable of going off script when necessary.
  3. With insurance leads, female business owner leads or any other leads you call on, remember to utilize your best sales executive when a big opportunity presents itself on the call. Your experienced sales executive knows how to close the sale. Use this as teaching time for newer employees. Have a newer sales executive shadow your best sales executive to learn how to nurture leads without being to promotional, reach out to warm leads to build/maintain relationships and close on sales without being rude, too aggressive or presumptuous.
  4. When telemarketing, never get off a call without asking for referrals, up-selling and asking if there’s anything else you can do for your prospect. If you don’t ask, you’ll never know. By accepting the single sale and not requesting referrals, you’re leaving money on the table with each phone call. Business owners should monitor their telemarketers to ensure each call contains requests for referrals, up-selling and offers to do more.
  5. Listen to your customer. If they buy from you, you likely sold them “yourself” and not your product. Consumers buy from people they enjoy, trust and respect. Telemarketers will close more deals if they listen to the customer and sell them what they need and want rather than pushing the item that’s for sale. Turn the call into a “How can I help you” instead of a “Here is my product and this is why it is so good.”

Using insurance leads, private home leads or any other leads list guarantees you have numbers to call, but if you don’t have well-trained, competent telemarketers, your success ratio won’t be where you need it. Follow these tips to ensure good, solid leads lead to good, solid telemarketing sales.

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