GoLeads Response Plus
Direct Mail Program

Direct Mail vs Digital

Direct mail is so much more expensive than digital marketing, you think, but is it worth it?

The experts tell us direct mail pieces have a 35% higher engagement rate than email or online ads. But with the cost of paper and postage, will it pay off?

Why not stack the deck in your favor? With a GoLeads Response Plus Direct Mail Marketing package you can get the reach of digital marketing and enhance your direct mail pieces at the same time. The more impressions of your brand, your product, or the problem you solve that is in front of your prospect, the better chance you have of engaging with them. Let’s look at an example.

An Example

We’re going to assume the role of a fertilizer company selling a new additive to farmers and ranchers. In our traditional approach, we purchase a list of 2500 farmers with crops between 50-500 acres in size. The mail piece we design is an oversized postcard listing the product, the science behind it, an introductory price for a 10 gallon drum, and include our website and phone. Based on previous mailings, we expect a dozen new orders, a dozen new inquires, and a spike in website visits. The campaign usually pays for itself, but not much more. We tell ourselves we’re investing for the long haul and these new customers, although expensive, will eventually pay for themselves.


Let’s contrast the GoLeads Response Plus Direct Mail Marketing program to traditional results. In this approach, we’re going to take that same list of 2500 but we’re going to find them in the GoLeads digital marketing platform to start and run display ads. These ads will feature the company name (branding), the new product name (product), or focus on developing the fertilizer problem being solved (problem). We can expect between 25-27,500 impressions of these ads to the list before the direct mail piece hits their doorstep. Now, when the direct mail piece gets there the prospect is more likely to engage with the piece, reflecting those industry stats. The campaign will produce a bump of 10-20% in orders, a bump of 10-20% in inquiries, and an even larger bump in website traffic. The campaign will more than pay for itself, plus generate larger returns in the future.

The best part? The increased website traffic will include a lot of farmers who aren’t ready to make a move on your product, for whatever reason. We can now target them in a separate re-targeting campaign. This campaign will recognize they already know the brand, know the product, and know the problem being solved, so it can be more aggressive in turning the browser into a buyer.

We run similar campaigns for all of our GoLeads affiliated companies and the results over time are speaking for themselves.

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