Do You Know Your Total Audience?

There are three different aspects to your audience. Number one, and the most familiar, is your customers. Your customers are people or businesses who have already paid you. Number two is your prospects, those who have not paid you but have expressed interest in your product. When marketing, most people stop here – and that is usually their biggest mistake. What people fail to realize is that these two points provide valuable data that a business can use to find your total audience

Your total audience consists of businesses/people who have similar demographics and firmographics as your customers, as well as prospects whom you have not spoken with or may not even be aware of! Combining the data from your audience and your prospects creates a whole new demographic of potential customers that most businesses fail to utilize – usually for good reason.

When running a business, who has the time to compile data and study potential customers in order to create a list of your total audience? Don’t worry – that’s where Go Leads comes in. Go Leads has been utilizing this method of studying customers and prospects to create a total audience for decades. We can help you find and reach your total audience, as well as create a plan to reach out to companies and people to bring them to your website. We will help you utilize all the data that you may not even know is at your fingertips to help you grow your business. Make the most of your audience and contact Go Leads today!

If you are struggling with how to realign your marketing efforts to meet the demands of today’s changing marketplace, GoLeads can help. It is what we have been doing for several of our small business clients over the past few months and we can do the same for you. Give us a call today at 402-334-1824 or visit us online at