Artificial Intelligence and What it Means for Small Businesses


In the past, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) often seemed woefully out of reach for many small businesses. Today, however, small business owners cannot afford to ignore the power of this technology.

The fact that AI was once seen as something only within the reach of big companies actually works out well for small businesses. Small businesses are now able to benefit from the lessons learned by big companies when the technology was new.

The best way to approach AI as a small business owner is to find ways to slowly implement it throughout their organization. This allows for a more measured approach to the technology that will allow business owners to get their feet wet.

If you are a small business owner who is ready to give AI a try, here are some areas that will allow you to ease into it.

  1. Customer Communications: Chatbots are becoming more and more popular with businesses of all sizes. People today want to be able to interact with a company no matter what the day or time but small businesses don’t have the manpower to provide this service. Today, through the use of AI-enabled chatbots, small businesses can provide sales and customer service assistance at all hours.
  2. Human Resources: AI can help with the hiring process by wading through hundreds of resumes. This increases the number of quality candidates you can consider because you don’t have to look at each application. The onboarding process is made easier, as well, since questions such as benefits and policies can be answered through AI software.
  3. Competitive Intelligence: AI is a great way to analyze what your competition is up to. It allows you to gather data on what your competitors are doing online – from social media posts to blog posts to pricing information. The ability to gather this data faster means that you can react to it more quickly, as well.
  4. Marketing: It used to be that small business couldn’t reach a vast online audience. AI now allows these businesses to target customers from a variety of markets through the use of Facebook ads, for example.

While integrating AI into your small business can seem like an overwhelming process, the truth is, it is much easier than you think. Plus, like all other technology, as more businesses are adopting AI, the costs are decreasing while the accessibility is increasing. So instead of dismissing AI as something too complicated or expensive, it’s time to take advantage of this revolutionary technology and begin reaping its many benefits.

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