AI-Assisted SEO: Maximizing Digital Marketing with Long-Tail Keyword Insights

The ever-changing landscape of digital marketing requires constant adaptation because what worked yesterday doesn’t work today. Google frequently updates its search algorithm, such as the recent introduction of Core Web Vitals. To be search engine relevant when your buyer is searching, your site needs to be up-to-date to remain effective.

This brings us to the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in digital marketing and SEO. AI-powered interfaces like ChatGPT can provide instant research, create new marketing materials, and design campaigns, but if you’ve tried using them, you’ll notice they sometimes lack the human touch required to handle complex queries or understand the true motivations of your buyers. Right now, marketers who recognize AI’s limitations and maintain a balance between automation and human expertise are getting a slight edge on the competition.

You know this already. So, here’s an idea we’ve had some success with in our SEO work. If you’ve been using Google’s PPC ads in 2023, you have access to the actual search terms your users have been typing into Google.

  • In your reports, it’s under Keywords. Make sure you have January 1 – May 5 selected in the date range, then click Search Terms under Keywords. (It defaults to Search Keywords, but you want Search Terms to see everything your ads are running on.)
  • If you’re like most of our accounts, what you have is a list of thousands of search terms. Download them all and sort by clicks and impressions.
  • What we’re looking for are all of those search terms with fewer than 5 impressions. At an average of one impression a month, this group is the definition of “long tail.”

How long would it take to look through all of those terms and come up with three groups of terms to work with? Hours? Days? This is where AI can help. For an experiment, grab 300 of these 5 or fewer impression terms and tell ChatGPT, “I am looking for ‘long-tail’ keyword phrases to target for marketing. Look through this list and give me the top three groups to focus on today.”

Try it. (You can thank us later) Even if the results are a little off, you have a place to start. And we all know taking the first step is the hardest part.

If you haven’t been using Google Pay Per Click or using the results to drive your SEO strategy and don’t have the data to play with, give us a call. We can help you use Digital Marketing to connect with your target audience and promote businesses right when their intentions to buy match your company’s ability to fulfill a need.

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