Why Voice Searches are the Next Big Thing


It is estimated that a billion voice searches are taking place every single month. And that’s just the beginning. Marketing experts predict that by 2020, half of all searches will be performed simply through voice. If you want to get ahead of the competition, it is important that you know how to optimize your content for voice search and become an expert on how and why people use these type of searches.

11 Voice Search Statistics Digital Marketers Need to Know

More and more consumers are using voice search to perform search engine queries, find local businesses, make purchase decisions, and more. So what are some of the top statistics digital marketers need to know to succeed in tomorrow’s voice-first world?

Hey Google, How Do I Optimize For Voice Search?

Optimizing for voice search may seem like an overwhelming prospect. The good news is that this technology is still in a transitional period, so there’s no rush to make everything voice-friendly just yet. However, it’s still best to do what you can to take advantage of the growing popularity of voice search.

7 Tips to Better Voice Search Optimization

Young woman using voice search to answer a question

The widespread emergence of smart voice assistants like Amazon Echo aren’t just giving us our daily news and weather updates, they’re changing the SEO landscape. How? When it comes to voice searches, the truth is, you either rank first, or you rank nowhere.