Webinar: The Webinar on Webinars from LeadGen Compass

Why a Webinar About Webinars?

Your inbox is bursting with remote marketing tactics. (Here at LeadGen Compass we’re averaging at least one new webinar invite a day!) One tactic at the top of marketer’s lists are webinars, but we find a lot of our clients never get around to putting them on. Is it the content? Is it the webinar tools? Is it something else?

The Benefits of Doing Webinars:

  • Webinars generate immediate leads.
  • Webinars are sharable content to stay in touch with prospects.
  • Webinars can be turned into articles and blog posts.
  • Webinars generate customer insights. Webinars attract new customers, over time.

At LeadGen Compass we plan on putting on 8-10 new webinars each year. We have a process, templates, and a set of best practices we’re happy to share with you! We’ll walk you through the steps we take from start to finish, the tools we use, and how we justify the time and expense.