In the Age of Digital Marketing, Customer Loyalty Depends on Trust

If you are one of the many small businesses struggling to parlay your digital marketing into customer retention, it may come down to one single issue: Trust. While consumers today are more likely to try something new (read: another brand), trust is one of the most important reasons they will remain loyal to a business.

In the article, Martech Stack + Customer Loyalty: What Effect Can Tech Have on Retention, delves into research published by Nielson that revealed that brand-hopping among consumers is a relatively modern phenomenon. Nielson’s research found that 40% of consumers say they are more likely to try something new than they were five years ago. Further, brand loyalists are a shrinking minority and companies are having to double down on enticing exploratory consumers and – crucially – retaining them.

Nielson’s research reinforces the need for good practices when it comes to using data and analytics to retain customers. And when it comes to data and analytics, if consumers can be sure a company is responsible with their data and with how they operate in the physical world then they are more likely to stick with them. These virtues also resonate with prospects, as well.

In an age of increasing customer “disloyalty,” businesses can take heart knowing that a trusted brand can still be seen to build loyalty – even in the age of disloyalty. Want help building brand loyalty through data and analytics? GoLeads can show you the way. To learn more, give us a call at (402) 334-1824 or visit