Curious about how artificial intelligence is going to impact small business?

At GoLeads we’ve been seeing artificial intelligence (AI) touch our marketing efforts everywhere – from inside of Google’s advertising and analytics products – to testing natural language processing in our list tool of the future. Alternating between interesting and terrifying, we’ve been trying to learn more.

Today, we want to share 3 articles about AI worth reading.

Former Apple CEO John Sculley Says AI is the Future of Marketing

John Sculley sees three different types of AI in business. The assisted intelligence like smart GPS Waze, the autonomous intelligence that makes the news in self-driving vehicles, and what he calls augmented intelligence, where AI does things humans can’t do, like analyzing massive amounts of data. Always interesting insights from a great consumer marketer.

Small Businesses Are The Real MVPs Of Analytics And BI Growth.

In this article from Forbes online, the author uses a lot of fancy charts to show you what other small businesses are doing with analytics and BI. The part that stuck out to us is that most BI initiatives are going to be drawn from sales and marketing teams. Hidden in that BI monicker is that a lot of business intelligence insights rely on AI to derive helpful insights. As John Sculley would say, assisted intelligence. (or is it augmented?)

How AI Can Improve How We Work

Ideacast is a podcast from Harvard Business Review and in this episode we meet Paul Daugherty and James Wilson. They are senior technology leaders at Accenture with youthful sounding voices and a few interesting things to say about AI. They see AI jobs falling into two buckets: builder and those who are helped by machines. No surprise there, but the details and subcategories are interesting. GoLeads big takeaway? Start demystifying the technology today by putting some in place.

That’s advice we can all act on.